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Advocating for justice. Stay tuned and see how I pull myself up by my bootstraps

Disclaimer: This page is not an attempt to defame anyone’s character, but if the shoe fits, wear it. I’m simply choosing to tell my story unconventionally. My goal is to shed light on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and to change my narrative. I refuse to stay with my arms crossed and/or to be a victim. THE ABUSE STOPS!  I will be a VICTOR!  It is not a “woe´s me” story! Im a BRONX girl, we don’t do that! The goal is to touch and inspire others.

My goal is to highlight that just because you had a hard season you do not have to stay there and to create an outlet for both men and women who experience domestic violence. Abuse is not gender, race, or age specific and it often occurs in a subtle and silent manner. The shame that accompanies abuse is a feeling that can not be described.

As the story unravels  I will do my best not to leave anything out! I will include the venom that came out of me. I own my truth now own yours! I will highlight intergenerational chains of trauma and abuse. Together we will take the journey of healing and develop an understanding of our mental health. The cause and effect of how or why we landed in the cesspool of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. It’s an introspective approach. 

So many of the naysayers tried to talk me out of creating this page because of their agenda and because of the concern about what others would think or say. My response was and is: So judge me. You won’t be the first or last! Guess what; I don’t care because nobody is perfect. 

However, those who truly know me, know that I don’t let the outside noise influence me; especially if they are not wearing the shoes I want my feet in…Get my drift. I believe in myself and I am bold so there is no other way to tell my story, but bold and raw. Fuck people and their opinions because I am struggling to overcome the aftershock of abuse ALONE. Besides the few times I did listen to others it has never worked out for my higher good, for example marrying my husband. So now I will share my story, my way, not yours!

Accountability = Responsibility
The pusillanimous and his mother