A woman in the worst moments does not collapse, she rebuilds.

The author: Turning Pain into Power and Sorrow into Strength!

Jennifer E. Jones-DeMoya, MSW is a visionary and sees things that other people could never see. Being raised in New York City has given her the ability to get along with just about anyone and has spurred empathic and bold responses. She is not only a true advocate for diversity, but a culturally well-rounded individual who is not afraid to speak her mind. While attending to the full-time responsibility of parenting, Jones-Demoya earned a master’s degree from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Work, with a specialization in Children and Families, an Undergraduate degree in Social Work from Iona College, and associates from Hostos Community College. However, the GED and the Doctorate from the school of hard knocks is the one she values the most. Simply, because the Doctorate instilled a value system that is universal; a system where honesty, respect, integrity, love, family, and gratitude are considered the greatest form of wealth.   

Applying theory to practice, Mrs. Jones-DeMoya opened Growing Minds of New York Inc. Growing Minds which brought to life leadership, education, and creative skills, continually in exciting environments. Her advanced degrees and interest in child development and families are the driving force behind all arts and humanities companies that she has founded! Her entrepreneurial spirit did not stop with Growing Minds. She ventured into the restaurant lounge industry, VACCA Grill & Lounge. Furthermore, she and her ex-husband, Mr. Jones ventured into the world of logistics. They owned Native NY, a white-glove delivery and installation logistics company. The dynamic duo also owned City Life Concepts, New Rochelle´s first high-end contemporary furniture store which was featured in the Best of Westchester Magazine:https://westchestermagazine.com/uncategorized/new-home-furnishings-showroom-city-life-concepts-opens-in-new-rochelle/). 

Jennifer is strong and rare; women, like her, are almost impossible to find and only encountered once in a lifetime. She speaks the truth, because it’s not in her nature to lie and is not trying to keep up the false facades. She faces her struggles alone and has a heart worth a thousand rainbows.  Jennifer will do just about anything to place a smile on the faces of those she loves.  She encourages her friends and family to achieve their goals and is willing to go the last mile to help. For example, when she met her current husband he was working in his family’s supermarket Ideal Food Basket. During this time she identified his strengths and witnessed how his family did not take him seriously. They would sell him empty promises of owning his very own market and continue to use him as an errand boy. This saddened Jennifer and encouraged her to invest in her husband’s potential, and open Kidz Roc Inc., which later evolved to Ace Transportation, a logistics company. Despite the fact that her husband knew nothing about the industry, the love she had for him, and her prior trucking experience made it easy for her to take the risk by selling everything she owned and teaching him all he needed to know to operate in the logistics industry. She did not stop there, after selling everything she owned and securing an income from Ace Transportation, she ventured off to Tulum, MX.  In Tulum, while navigating her way through the migration process, she formed the company called SantoRico Industrias and created I Wear Skirts Because My Balls Don’t Fit in Pants. There is still more to come. However, Jennifer wants to keep surprises that are in the works, on a need-to-know basis.

Life has not always been kind to Jennifer, but she will flip those struggles to strength. Resilience best describes her.

Thank god that I was never graced by your wickedness, in person. Nevertheless, let me introduce myself and start by saying Honey, unlike you, I don’t hide behind closed doors pretending to be a proper woman while working effortlessly to help destroy a marriage and cover and/or participate in your son’s NEFARIOUS ACTIONS.  It’s time to air out the closet. Open the door honey because it’s hella funky up in that bitch! Don’t worry I will help you, these next chapters will ¨febreze¨ it out! 

Let’s just say that I am the woman who gave your son a purpose to wake up every morning. Do you remember how he was just your family’s ¨Honey-Do¨ and supermarket manager? None of you had faith in him, you all used him to fix things, dump your trash, and or run your errands. another red flag I ignored!  However, I was the only one who believed in him and saw his amazing qualities. Nevertheless,  being CAPTAIN SAVE A BRO, I invested everything in him, and instead of being grateful you hated me and he violated my trust. Yeah, that’s slang! So what! It appears that you would rather see him with Ratched women and street thugs smoking weed on the corner. It appears from afar that you got great pleasure in participating in the abuse. I heard you laughing with ¨Gail¨about cutting off Netflix. How petty. 

OMG, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jennifer Elizabeth Pesante Phitts, I graduated from Fordham University with a Master’s degree in Social Work with a specialization in children and family development. I possess excellent analytical, problem-solving, verbal, and written communication skills.  I’m an energetic entrepreneur and self-motivated individual, who conveys a burst of energy and experience with impeccable follow-through and the ability to work independently and show leadership within an organizational framework.