History and overcoming the struggles of life!

The change that every woman needs in her life

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Dedicated to Fidelina Martínez

Mission Statement:

Advocating for justice, and mental health. We strive to provide a judgment-free and safe platform to share our stories. Our goal is to provide the resources one might need to overcome the struggles that life presents.

Jennifer aims to offer resources that do not fall into the cookie-cutter parameter of a line item or protocol. These donations can be accessed by those in need anywhere in the world.

To ensure that we do not fall victim to fraud there will be a vetting process and funds will only be transferred to providers once service has been rendered.

Jennifer is unapologetically RAW. Her profanity is not to offend, but just a true expression of what she feels. Besides lying cheating and fucking people over is more offensive than a ¨fuck yourself¨that can come out of her mouth!

As Jennifer would say Fuck perception. I´m human! Embrace it! No time for all the fluff. Here is my story: read it or don’t. It is what it is. Jennifer, wants people to find the courage to be who they want. STOP TRYING TO WEAR THE SHOES THAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO WEAR!

A woman in the worst moments does not collapse, she rebuilds.