Dear Fidelina Martinez

You say you don’t know me.  Oh yeah and that I rubbed you the wrong way.  That’s a strange statement to make, right? How can someone you never met rub you the wrong way? Boy oh boy that hand that rocks the cradle is wicked and should never be ignored! You were one red flag that I should have taken seriously. But hey like Shakira says Las mujeres NO lloran las mujeres FACTURAN! Tu Supiste Linda! Yo, soy Boricua!

Thank god that I was never graced by your wickedness, in person. Nevertheless, let me introduce myself and start by saying Honey, unlike you, I don’t hide behind closed doors pretending to be a proper woman while working effortlessly to help destroy a marriage and cover and/or participate in your son’s NEFARIOUS ACTIONS.  It’s time to air out the closet. Open the door honey because it’s hella funky up in that bitch! Don’t worry I will help you, these next chapters will ¨febreze¨ it out! 

Let’s just say that I am the woman who gave your son a purpose to wake up every morning. Do you remember how he was just your family’s ¨Honey-Do¨ and supermarket manager? None of you had faith in him, you all used him to fix things, dump your trash, and or run your errands. another red flag I ignored!  However, I was the only one who believed in him and saw his amazing qualities. Nevertheless,  being CAPTAIN SAVE A BRO, I invested everything in him, and instead of being grateful you hated me and he violated my trust. Yeah, that’s slang! So what! It appears that you would rather see him with Ratched women and street thugs smoking weed on the corner. It appears from afar that you got great pleasure in participating in the abuse. I heard you laughing with ¨Gail¨about cutting off Netflix. How petty. 

OMG, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jennifer Elizabeth Pesante Phitts, I graduated from Fordham University with a Master’s degree in Social Work with a specialization in children and family development. I possess excellent analytical, problem-solving, verbal, and written communication skills.  I’m an energetic entrepreneur and self-motivated individual, who conveys a burst of energy and experience with impeccable follow-through and the ability to work independently and show leadership within an organizational framework. 

Having been raised in New York City has given me the ability to adapt to my surroundings, read and/or dodge the shit you are shoveling, be sensitive to different cultural styles, and effectively work as a member of society. I am a collaborator who likes to share information and ideas with colleagues, friends, or family to achieve excellent results.  I am fluent in Spanish and English with limited conversational Hebrew, Arabic, and Albanian. Hence why I was a great target for your son and why I rubbed you the wrong way. PROJECTION baby! My shine is blinding you and you can’t stand it! They say that someone who has never met you and has no friends or family in common does not like you because you are a reflection of everything they are not and/or wish they could be! I say you knew your son’s intentions, and it was easier for you to go along with it if you distanced yourself. Simply because you know I was nothing like his ex and would have checked you. See his dick blinded me but you had nothing to blind me with. 

Nevertheless, not only am I a true advocate for diversity and social JUSTICE but a culturally well-rounded individual. I have the ability to keep up with a fast-paced environment. I am also computer literate and possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills which you will learn as our court case evolves. I utilize critical thinking to implement and supervise situations, and model professional behavior most of the time until the ugly in me is provoked. I possess excellent listening skills, which afford the ability to respond accordingly to fabricated narratives. Moreover, I am intelligent and persuasive; a problem solver who can conceptualize, implement, and initiate ideas and projects. I don’t need to steal anyone’s ideas or work! Get my drift?  As an entrepreneur, I know labor laws and data management applications. Hence the reason why I claim that you and your son are Frauds!

I believe that if given an opportunity people can achieve their full potential, and your son is a prime example of this. Without me providing the opportunity our company Kidz Roc Inc. would not be making the money it is and you would have not been able to embezzle the funds on his behalf.  


With that said, I would like to thank you once again and remind you that MY BALLS DON’T FIT IN PANTS! You and your son underestimate me and I look forward to having the opportunity to have the public decide what type of family you are. Was it that awful that he married an Educated woman who introduced him to a higher quality of life? Would you rather that he stay working for IDEAL Food Basket sleeping with the employees and marrying people for  American citizenship? Or should he have married his cousin like you? Or does Freud’s theory apply to your cousin/mother situation? 

Last but not least by no means is this displaced anger. I am reacting to your disrespect and maliciousness. Im angry as fuck and Im not going to pretend otherwise. Your son betrayed and abused me with you as his main cheerleader and advisor! You both engage in manipulative and deceptive behaviors to get what you want. This hand that rocked the cradle is wicked. It’s evident how deeply embedded the value of deceit and manipulation is within the damaged DNA you facilitated. I always wondered if I should refer to you as mother-in-law or prima. But I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Nevertheless,  I’m aiming at my target and choosing to react by claiming my peace and healing!  Furthermore, for people to understand the text, a psychosocial needs to be outlined. 

You think you have it made, in the shade. Keep laughing because GOD has a plan! You can not walk into someone’s life, turn it upside down and think Karma won’t get you.“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. Then when you call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you. When you search for me you will find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

Dear Eric

¨You are crazy¨, ¨You’re getting on my nerves¨. ¨I love you¨. ¨You’re a great woman¨. ¨What the fuck are you talking about¨? ¨I don’t need this stress¨! ¨You’re Pathetic¨! ¨I did not buy any property, my mom did¨. ¨Why are you complaining you live the life of Paris Hilton¨. ¨All your bills are paid¨. ¨What car are you talking about¨? ¨I did not buy a car¨. ¨What, are you out whoring around because that’s what women do¨! ¨Stop making movies in your head¨. ¨Look at you, is this how you want to live¨? ¨Only sluts dress like that¨! ¨I’m so sorry¨. ¨I did not mean that¨. ¨You’re so insecure¨! ¨I did not take your passport¨. ¨It was on the counter¨. ¨Maybe Raymond did or asked the cleaning lady¨. ¨Hurry up, the kids need to eat¨. The list can go on with all the words you have said but for now, I will stop here, and say Nigga please you’re just all-around wack! A straight-up parasite that attaches to its host because it’s the only way you achieve things and then pretend like you achieved it all on your own. Just a fraud with a hurt soul that needs to harm people because he is hurt. Then want to apologize without change: that is just manipulation.

The manipulation, gaslighting, and deception were momentarily debilitating. I can not repeat this enough: Captain Save a Bro is not a good look. I should have walked away sooner and I pray that women will read this and not fall into this trap! Stay in your lane and stop disrupting people’s lives with your lies and games. 

Furthermore, I wonder if the classical conditioning of Disney or William Shakespeare deeply embeds the ¨happily ever after story¨and/or is the cause of why I stayed. I wanted to believe that you would get the help you needed and see the damage your mother has done. That you would cut the cord, assume responsibility for your action, and face your childhood traumas. I wanted to believe that our love was strong enough to adhere to the vows of marriage. I was standing by your side while you and your mother collectively attempted to decapitate me. 

Unfortunately, Eric,  you and your adversary board need to be continuously reminded that nobody should come between a husband and wife and that financial and emotional abuse is also a form of domestic violence. The facts speak for themselves. Continue to be a fraud and commit crimes and I will continue to expose your acts of violence and how you play the victim while Mommy covers up your acts of terror. What’s next you become a Sante Kimes duo? After all, you’re both on that path. A thief who wants to claim the Best Husband of the Year award. 


A wise man once told you that you should be careful with me and that I was not a pushover. You should have listened! Keep being a counterfeit and you will learn the hard way. Just like I told your momma it’s hella funky in that bitch and I’m airing it all out!

I suggest that you develop an attitude of gratitude and humility. I used what I had to help you grow and you used what you had to rob and ABUSE me.  You seem to think you can continue to commit crimes and go untouched.  It’s obvious that you think this since you tauntingly admitted to the crimes you have committed against me both in text and in videos.  It’s time for you to face your actions and understand your mother’s protection is just temporary. I am not your “baby momma”: it’s going to take more than you and mommy to stop me from advocating for justice. 

Eric, I extend a lifeline and you continue to think that you are untouchable. Hide behind your momma all you want. The fact that you can ghost me shows your intentions were not right from day one! Looking back and seeing the patterns of behavior I’m convinced I was a target! See the fake get in where they can squeeze in and the real stand strong. I was just so caught up in the idea of the man you could be and spent more time creating, rather than accepting the reality of your spurious presentation. Blinded as you worked the middle. You rocked the boat to the point that I became cognitively impaired.

See, my impairment was temporary. What I allowed yesterday because  I was in love with your curls, your wild side, and how you worked the middle I won’t allow again. The idea of what we could be and not what you were showing me, clouded my judgment.  For this, I assume responsibility for the choices I made. I chose to love you and to allow you into my life. I placed you on a pedestal when you should have been placed in a penitentiary.

It’s no one else’s fault but my own. So thank you for the drama. It forced me to self-audit and elevate. I learned that I’m just a hopeless romantic. A young girl trapped in a Woman’s Body: (I will talk about this in the book). I loved you the way I need to be loved. It was a love like no other. A love where you could do no wrong until you were out of control with disrespect and wrongdoings. I supported you the way I wanted to be supported. Which is fine if you had the emotional intelligence or moral foundation to reciprocate. Instead, you responded to my passion and love with toxicity and a lack of maturity. 

A series of teachable moments and I now understand that your environment is mentally ill. Unfortunately, there is palpable anger in your community that supports this unfortunate situation that we are finding ourselves in. Your community is divided and embraces behaviors that pit people against one another. However, this does not mean that you cannot choose to vibrate at a higher frequency. I know daily that I am vibrating higher!

No more Jen the builder! Unless it’s with concrete and blocks, no flesh.  Fortunately, I understand now you are a soul that will forever be empty – desperately seeking the outside world and your mother’s attention to fill your inside, where you desperately fear to reside. Running like Forest Gump after Jenny, hiding, pretending to be someone or something you are not, and turning people’s lives upside down are all you are good at!


I’m moving on now. I’m healing. I am letting go. Now it’s a new chapter in my life. It’s entirely mine to live, every day to the fullest, to breathe deeply and smile. I deserve this and much more. 


My daughter and a close friend J said Eric is going to enjoy this. His head is going to blow up, and he will think that you can´t get over him: this might be true. After all, Eric left external and internal scars making it almost impossible to forget. The scars on my body are the walking billboard Mr. Eric DeMoya, my husband left behind for me to see daily. 

Eric might have been the catalyst and main character that I needed to complete my book but this writing journey started way before Eric walked into my life. 

So don’t get my journey twisted. It’s just the path I choose to take as I heal. It’s a method of preventing other women from encountering mother/son evilness and a wife’s prayer for her husband to get the help he needs. Eric can not walk into people’s lives and leave scars. Then pretend like he has done no wrong! I expose the truth and tell Eric you will not get away with running away. I’m holding you accountable!


"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." Nelson Mandela